Amb. Ashim Morton drives the vision of the Foundation and is supported by several Executives and Advisors on a daily basis. He serves on the Board of the World Trade Centre, Red Cross, the Nxzwake Institute, Global Haulage, Millennium Marathon, and several other Boards.

Born on the 14th of January 1961, he is married with 4 children. He is an avid believer in the education of the youth of Africa. Mr. Morton believes that the future of Africa lies in the youth of the Continent who have not been given a “rightful” place during decisions and policymaking. He believes that the African youth must engage amongst themselves and come out with futuristic policies required for the safety and wellbeing of the future generation. Africa has been left behind for almost 100 years in current development. The citizens of the Continent continue to patronize over USD$100 billion dollars annually in products and services from the West whereas she exports a fraction of her natural wealth.

Africa manufactures no technological innovation that is exported to the West. Africa can’t feed herself. Africa is not prepared for Climate Change. Africa relies on the West for almost all its pharmaceutical needs. Africa has not yet solved its access to water and sanitation for its people. Africa continues to receive billions of dollars of aid each year. Africa has enough resources to sit around the table of power to “negotiate” its future but continues to hedge its resources in a pitiful annual fashion by its leaders. The African Leader is not answerable to anyone but still serves on an international criminal court to determine his/her faith. Africa continues to grow weaker each year. The African Union has not found a way to unite its leaders and make them answerable to the leadership of the African Union. This Unity is the ONLY way to reverse the dwindling resources of this Continent.

Africa continues to be ruled by its former colonial rulers in a scientific way, because we produce little of keen mega interest to the West, as we constantly rely on defense and arms from the West.

Ashim Morton believes with the Revolution of the internet, the weaving of technology, media, and biology, Africa has a chance to sit around the table with superpowers if Africa engages the Youth of Africa today.