The Men We Love follows four women, Marian, Samantha, Shantel and Michelle. While not related by blood, they share their femininity, embitterment, and a deep craving for psychological and emotional freedom.

It is a star-studded movie that has nothing to do with romance despite the title. Instead, it talks about the kind of men who are generally loved in society. There are a group of men that women don’t play with in our society; everybody seems to love this set of men. It’s about the men women give special attention to, the men women will do anything for, which has nothing to do with romance. The movie embodies patience and not acting on emotions which will lead to regrets later.

It stars a great cast of Majid Michel, Yvonne Nelson, Kofi Adjorlolo, Michy Diamond, Regina Van-Helvert, include James Gardiner, Nana Ansomah, Angela Bamford, Sophia Kalorizos, Comedian Hogan and Jackline Mensah.